little known, but big reason to go solar #1




When it comes to renting versus owning a home, the vast majority of us agree – Owning a home makes more sense than renting. According to a FannieMae's national housing survey, Americans were asked what made more sense, owning a home or renting it? More than 80% of the respondents said owning a home makes more sense because it protects one against rent increase and owning a home is a good investment.

Similarly, owning your own power makes more sense than renting. Owning your power production protects against rent (rate) increases and also is a good investment. Producing power from solar panels can give you more control of your energy bill. For example, if you get 85% of your electricity from solar power, that means you control 85% of your bill. So, when rates go up, 85% of your bill will not change. In the case where one is able to generate 100% or more of their energy needs from solar power, their entire bill will not change – even 10 years from now!

How it this possible? That leads us to the next post: LITTLE KNOWN, BUT BIG REASON TO GO SOLAR #2 – NET METERING